Enjoy your music in complete freedom & simplicity with our wireless headphones with 64GB internal memory.

Matte Black   |  Matte Gold

The wireless Bluetooth headphones gives you 40 hours of music and podcasting in perfect autonomy with the Viwone application and equalizer.

Matte Black   |  Matte Gold

Its interference-free chrome-gold coating and 128GB of internal memory give these wireless headphones a chic, urban style.

Chrome Gold

These headphones will turn heads and lights every step of the way while you enjoy hours of crystal-clear sound and 64GB of internal memory.

Black Diamond

Powerful options and impressive features.

     Internal memory

Enjoy a storage capacity of 64GB and 128GB to free up your smartphone.

*Only for PURE+ & ONE RANGE models.

     Internal battery

Listen to your music wherever you are on the go with a battery life of 40h.


Connect your headphones to your smartphone without any problem thanks to the BLUETOOTH 4.2 Multipoint system with NFC pairing.


Customize your musical ambiances with our 5-BAND EQ equalizer.

     Call command

Picking up and hanging up is childsplay with our control system integrated voice calls.

     Mobile app

Manage your music and playlists with our mobile monitoring application VIWONE PURE.

Authenticate your headphones.

Thanks to its unique serial number, register your VIWONE headphones when your first connection to our mobile application, and benefit from all the guarantees and security.